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Blinding the Enemy

Level 3 mission
Bonus Mission

Planet [[Ord Mantell]]
Area [[Drelliad Village]]
Start [[Galactic Republic [3] Snipe Hunt]]

Blinding the Enemy is a level 3 bonus mission available to belonging to the Galactic Republic faction. It can be obtained on the planet Ord Mantell, in the area known as Drelliad Village. This mission is begun by defeating a member of the separatist militia currently terrorizing the road between Drelliad and Fort Garnik.


The separatist militia has posted a number of snipers along the road between Drelliad Village and Fort Garnik. These snipers select targets indiscriminately, gunning down soldiers and civilians alike. Commander Vray has offered a considerable bounty to anyone willing to retire the snipers and clear the road.


You've been tasked with taking out the separatist snipers near Fort Garnik. However, they don't work alone--trackers, field scouts and other forces act as backup. Take out additional separatist forces on the road to Fort Garnik.
~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Blinding the Enemy mission description


  • Defeat Separatist Forces: 0/8


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