Mandalorian Blockade

Mandalorian ships at the Hydian Way.

The Blockade of Hydian Way was a blockade formed by Mandalorians that were allied to the Sith Empire. The Hydian Way was an important trade route in the Republic. The Republic Navy and Jedi Order launched several strikes against the blockade, but the Mandalorians stayed strong and took little casualties while the Republic suffered heavy losses. Riots sprung out on Coruscant and soon a small fleet of smuggler ships lead by Hylo Visz developed a plan to break the Mandalorian blockade.

The smugglers loaded freighters full of raw goods from the Colonies and approached the blockade and stopped still. The Mandalorians told them to turn back but when they got no response, they began to investigate. Suddenly, a motley fleet of small starships dropped out of hyperspace and a massive spacebattle ensued.

While the smuggler ships were a formidable force, the soldiers of fortune were outmatched by the Mandalorian warriors. Fortunately, SIS was informed of the battle and Republic ships were scrambled and sent to aid the smugglers. The Mandalorians were then outmatched, and forced to retreat to Mandalorian space.

Visz's remaining fleet landed in Coruscant with raw goods and left with "more wealth than she ever imagined." A medal ceremony was planned for her, but she didn't show as she had already left.

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