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Bodyguard (Skill Tree)
Faction: Sith Empire
Base Class: Bounty Hunter
Advanced Class:


Bodyguard is a skill tree of the Bounty Hunter's Mercenary advanced class.[1] This tree focuses on using technology to heal and restore allies.

The following table contains the known abilities that can be gained from this tree:

Supercharged Gas 1s

Converts 30 charges of Combat Support Cylinder to supercharge your blasters, venting 8 heat and increasing all damage and healing dealt by 5% for 10 Seconds. While active, the following abilities gain Supercharge effects: Power Shot: Heat Cost reduced by 100%. Unload: Heat Cost Reduced by 100%. Healing Scan: Cooldown Reduced by 100%. Kolto Missile: Places a shield on all targets reducing damage taken by 5% for 15 Seconds.

Kolto Shell 30m Deployes a kolto shell around the target that has 6 Charges and lasts 3 Minutes. When the target is damaged, Kolto Shell looses 1 charge and heals the target for [x]. This effect cannot occur more than once every 3 seconds. A Target may not have more than one Kolto Shell active.
Emergency Scan 30m 21s Instantly heals a friendly target for [x]

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