So you have decided to play the Bounty Hunter, the blaster-shooting, rocket-launching, mercenary of the Empire. Let's get started!


The different races available for Bounty Hunters include:

Start of the Game

The character starts off as a young Bounty Hunter, hired by Braden and Jory to help win the Great Hunt. Upon arrival to the starting planet Hutta, the character is immediately thrown into completing quests. Without giving away too much of the story, the Hunter eventually must work for the local Hutt, Nem'ro, in order to gain his entry badge into the Great Hunt.

After killing opponents, certain ones will have a light blue, green, or yellow beam shooting up from their corpse. A blue light indicates that there are items that can be looted from the body. A green light means that the items on the body include items that will give higher stat bonuses than the starting equipment. A yellow light indicates that the body has an item that is required to complete the mission(s) that you are currently on. To loot a body, simply right click on it if the Hunter is close enough.

Leveling Up

The easiest way to level up is by doing missions. These are indicated on the map by a yellow triangle. After accepting missions, look for green spots on the map. If they are the same yellow triangle with a green dot in the center, then that is where you want to go to complete a part of the mission. If you see a green arrow on the map, then you have to enter a building/cave/other location to continue on those missions.

Getting Around

A lot of missions will feature travelling to a location, doing something or killing someone, and then returning to the person who gave the mission initially. One way to speed up this process is to use the taxis that are scattered around each map. They are indicated with two yellow arrows pointing in opposite directions. Taxis cost credits, but are usually a very small amount, and can only travel to other taxi hubs that have already been discovered.

Another way to get around quickly is to quick travel. That is a special move that is located in the hot-bar on the bottom of the screen. It is blue and looks like a planet. After clicking on the quick travel button, select where to go, and the character will show up there almost immediately. Remember though, quick travel can only be used once every 30 minutes.

There is now a new free fleet pass option available. This allows you to travel back to the Imperial Fleet (Vaiken Spacedock) once every 16 hours. If you have purchased or use the app for a security key you can also buy fleet passes with a shorter cool-down time.


Bounty Hunters use a different form of attacking than other classes such as Jedi or Sith. Instead of building up Force points to spend on more powerful attacks, the Bounty Hunter has a heat gauge. If the heat builds up too much, certain attacks will not work. The heat can be removed by either using attacks that have a lower heat cost, such as the Blaster Pistol blasts, or using the heat vent move. This allows for much faster access to better attacks, but you can only use the heat vent so often due to its recharge time.

Combat for Bounty Hunters involve a great amount of ranged attacks. The main attacks that you start off with include a burst of shots from your pistol and wrist rockets.

Make sure if you see a yellow arrow pointing up with a green cross under it on your map, to go check it out. These are people who can train you in new attacks. New attacks become available as you level up, so check back frequently. The place to go on Hutta is in the marketplace right by Nem'ro's palace.

The attack I found most useful was the exploding dart. It has a long range, so you can sneak up on enemies, and shoot an explosive dart at an enemy. They will sometimes not attack, because they are caught by surprise, then the dart explodes for a good amount of damage. Once you level up enough, the attack Death from Above is incredibly powerful and has a long range. It makes clearing out groups of enemies very easy.

One of the things to begin practicing right away, so that you are well versed at the upper levels, is knowing which attacks can be used when moving and which require you to stand still. If an action has an "activation time" or "channeled" listing, you must be still to use it. Those listed as "instant" can be used on the run. Using an attack that you must be still for as an opener is ideal, so that once combat begins you can move as necessary. At the same time, the fact that you can move while attacking can be very useful. For instance, making enemies chase you a short distance is a good way to get them to clump up so that an area-effect attack will damage all of them at once. A good example of this is using exploding dart as an opener, and then running away a short distance. The enemies will converge on you by the time the dart explodes, damaging all of them. Then you turn real quick and fire a couple wrist rockets to finish the whole group off at once. The opposite tactic can be used to close distance on an enemy with a powerful ranged attack, to put them into melee. Opening with a knock-down or disabling attack as you charge forward, using rocket punch as soon as you're within range.

It might be tempting to use simpler tactics at these lower levels, as it is pretty easy to win. Doing so, though, will prevent you from getting to know what playstyle works best for you. This is important when you get to level 10 and have to choose an advanced class and its specialization. The Mercenary focuses more on long range attacks, and includes the option of being a healer. If you prefer to work at long range, this might be the way to go. The Powertech, on the other hand, can learn some powerful mid range and melee range attacks as well. So if you tend to find yourself in the front row, and prefer it that way, the Powertech may suit your playstyle better.


Companions are Non-Playable Characters (or NPCs) who follow around the player's character. The first companion that the Bounty Hunter has is Mako, the character's teammate who helps during the Great Hunt. Mako's main role in combat is a healer, but she also has a pistol and can hold her own in a firefight. Just like the player's character, companions can also be customized and have upgraded weapons and parts.

Companions also have feelings towards the player's character. Certain actions or dialogue responses will either gain affection from the companion or lose affection. With more affection towards the player's character, the companion will have better stats in and out of combat.

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