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Bouris Ulgo
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"Stiff and arrogant, Bouris Ulgo is nevertheless a patriot who believes himself the last sane noble on Alderaan. The former head of the planet’s fighting forces and a decorated Republic general, Ulgo anticipated a swift return to his farming estates after the Great War. To his surprise and dismay, he was not released from duty, and the military was asked to remain on high alert as Alderaan’s nobles played at politics. Alderaan’s withdrawal from the Republic, the deaths of the queen and her heir, and the return of House Thul forced Ulgo to take matters into his own hands; while the nobles bickered over their next ruler, Ulgo deployed his troops, declared himself king and instituted martial law. Sources close to the king say he was genuinely surprised to face opposition, but he swiftly razed House Panteer’s estates and declared war on any house that dared defy him. Many now question Ulgo’s mental state, whispering that the once great man has become brutal and paranoid. Some heads are not fit to wear the crown."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

General Ulgo served for 35 years in the Republic Army. After a rewarding career, he was ready to retire, but was instead asked to remain on high alert due to the Alderaanian political situation.

The General watched as the current Republic Senator and future heir to Alderaan's throne, Gaul Panteer, seceded from the Republic . Several years later, Ulgo was still in service when both Crown Prince Panteer and the reigning Queen died mysteriously. This development left Alderaan still technically severed from the Republic and leaderless. General Ulgo observed events as Alderaanian nobles passed a new law allowing the return of House Thul, a noble dynasty that had been long suspected of being manipulated by the Empire, then was finally exiled for sedition. The General noted the arrival of Imperial workers to rebuild House Thul's estates on Alderaan. At this point, he declared martial law proclaimed himself king.

Bouris Ulgo is patriotic and formal, but apparently believes himself the last sane noble on the planet.[1]

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