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"Braden’s long and storied career has never quite reached the heights of notoriety it deserved. For more than twenty-five years, Braden has claimed hundreds of bounties for clients ranging from the infamous crime lord Nok Drayen to generals in the Republic military and Jedi Masters with no one else to turn to. With his glory days behind him and his career in decline, Braden is looking for one last chance to shine before passing the torch to a new generation of hunters and retiring in some quiet corner of the galaxy."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Braden is the Bounty Hunter's mentor and first quest giver. He can be found on Hutta with Jory and Mako.


Treaty of Coruscant

"Leave it to the Imperials to stash their prisoners' gear in the most efficient place – right next to the prison."
―Braden, after escaping his detention cell

During the Great Galactic War, Braden was on a mission hunting down the Wookiee Dalborra on Dantooine. He was observing Dalborra with electrobinoculars when he received a message on his hand-held Holoprojector from his client, Commander Gin Lesl of the Republic Special Forces. She informed him of the Treaty of Coruscant, telling him there was a cease-fire between the Sith Empire and the Republic and told him to call off the hunt. He refused, saying there are more sources that have put a bounty on the mighty Dalborra. Lesl, knowing that killing Dalborra would strain relationships between the two forces, ordered her Pilot to fire a Concussion missile barrage at Braden's coordinates. Braden survived, but his quarry found him, holding a rifle in hands.

Dalborra then escorted and placed Braden on an Sith warship that was transferring Human prisoners to Korriban. While passing through the Kuat sector of the Core Worlds, the warship they were traveling on attacked the Envoy, a Republic transport ship.

While on the Sith warship, he was held in a detention cell near the cell of Jedi Master Dar'Nala and witnessed her torture at the hands of the warship's captain. The captain wanted the Jedi to admit it was the transport ship that attacked his warship instead of the other way around. Between torture sessions, Braden asked Dar'nala why she didn't simply tell the Sith captain what he wanted to hear and she replied it was because she knew the truth, a truth that she claimed the Republic needed to know about. Being too weak to escape the Sith ship, she instead used the Force to open Braden's cell on the condition he promise to take word of the Sith's treachery back to Jedi Master Zym and Jedi Knight Satele Shan on Coruscant. He agreed and stole a Sith starfighter from the warship's hangar. What he didn't tell the Jedi was that he intended to make a quick stop on Nar Shaddaa before traveling to Coruscant to fulfill his promise.

Braden eventually made it to Coruscant and went to the ruins of the Jedi Temple to talk to Zym, the Jedi's Grand Master. When he found Zym, he also found the Republic captain that had been responsible for his misfortune on Dantooine, and killed her. He then turned to Zym to give him Dar'nala's message, but Zym tried to arrest him for his shooting the Republic captain. Braden killed the Grand Master, and left Coruscant without telling anyone that Sith Lord Darth Baras had been behind the attack on the Envoy. Meanwhile, a bomb planted by Sith agents destroyed a huge chunk of the Galactic Senate. His departure was also monitored by his perennial foe Dalborra.

Braden returned to Nar Shaddaa and informed a friend of his of the message he was going to deliver. Sometime later, Braden was tracked down and arrested by Jedi Master Orgus Din, who demanded that he tell him the name of his employer. Braden revealed that he had nothing to do with the bombing of the Senate tower and that he could help him track down the one who was disrupting the treaty, but they had to go to Dantooine. Din did as he requested, and Braden met Satele Shan, Dar'nala's former apprentice. Braden remembered that Dar'Nala also wanted Satele to know the truth, and informed her of Baras' treachery.

Braden later escaped Din's custody and finally captured Dalborra. Meanwhile, Dar'Nala was revealed to be the real villain behind the treaty's disruption and was killed.


By 3,641 BBY, Braden had found a new protege worthy to compete in the Great Hunt hosted for hunters across the galaxy. He brought his protege to Nal Hutta to be introduced to his new crew, Mako, a savvy female slicer Braden found on Nar Shaddaa, and Jory, a Nikto weapons-expert. But while his protege was out to collect the bounty on a man named Vexx to curry the favour of Nem'ro the Hutt, Braden and Jory were killed by Tarro Blood, a Mandalorian who was seeking to eliminate all the competition. Braden's protege and Mako discovered Blood's crime and vowed to avenge both Braden and Jory. Mako provided a proper burial for Braden and Jory while his protege managed to win the Great Hunt sponsorship.

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