"The Brell Sediment refers to a large area of Tarisian ruins dominated by a massive acidic lake and a former chemical plant. It gets its name–somewhat ironically–from Ark Brell, a leading environmentalist on Taris in the days before its destruction. Before the bombardment, Ark Brell set up several water purification and waste disposal plants on Taris, with the aim of turning the waste from Taris’s factories into alternative fuel sources and minimizing the waste produced by the massive city-world. Legend has it that the collapse of one of his factories during the bombardment created the acid lake, although present rumor suggests that other, less well-intentioned groups on Taris may be the cause."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

The Brell Sediment is named after Ark Brell, an environmentalist on Taris prior to the bombardment that left it in its current state. The area is covered in ruins, an acid lake and an old chemical factory.

Codex Entry

Entering the Brell Sediment will unlock a Locations Lore entry in the Codex for Taris.

Bomber Command Post

The Bomber Command Post is west of the Toxic Lake Garrison, across the Toxic Lake.

Notable NPCs


Lower Brell


  • Abandoned Pirate Cave
  • ChemWorks Factory

Southern Shore

The Southern Shore hugs the south edge of the Toxic Lake.


Toxic Lake

The Toxic Lake area surrounds the Toxic Lake Garrison. Contrary to any expectations from the name, you do not take environment damager when walking through the lake.

Toxic Lake Garrison

The headquarters for Empire operations on Taris and the surface arrival point for Empire characters.

Notable NPCs




Western Shore

North of the Toxic Lake Garrison and stretching west toward the Republic Resettlement Zone is called the Western Short.

Notable NPCs

Command Center

Located at the Toxic Lake Garrison

Notable NPCs


Command Center Cantina

Located inside the Command Center.  There is a small stage where the Jukebox sits.  If you use the Jukebox, requiring a [Jukebox Token], Twi'lek holo dancers will appear on the stage and perform a coordinated dance.



  • Quick Travel Point
  • Jukebox, playing:
    • Carbines in the Wind
    • Cut the Phobium
    • Let Go my Lekku
    • Smeeleeya Whao Tupee Upee

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