Broga Masrii
Broga Masrii
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Broga Masrii is the head of the Three Families of Quesh during the Cold War and led the Masrii clan.

Broga became one of the heads of each of the Three Families on Quesh along with Portho of Clan Kaltemmic and Jeelta of Clan Urdosh. However, Broga's growing addiction to Quesh's adrenals made the Three Families heads embarrassed and didn't have many visitors.

Unfortunately, Portho allied himself with the Sith Empire, forcing Broga and Jeelta to ally with the Galactic Republic. Unfortunately Jeelta and Portho was killed by the Sith, but Broga was kept alive and was forced to work with the Sith. However, Broga escaped at some point and joined the Three Families with the Republic again.

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