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Sith Warrior companion

Species: Talz
Gender: Male
Planet: Hoth
Weapon(s): Vibroswords

Broonmark is a Sith Warrior companion.


Broonmark is a unique creature among the Talz. While his peers spent their youths learning survival skills and playing on the frozen tundra of Alzoc Three, Broonmark developed a fascination with death. As a child, Broonmark watched his father killed by one of Alzoc Three's predators, and instead of sadness, Broonmark felt only shame at his father's weakness. Violence became an obsession and point of pride for Broonmark; he started hunting in secret and lived for the rush of a kill.

When the Republic began recruiting Talz for their elite commando units, Broonmark eagerly volunteered for the chance to turn his claws against more challenging prey. But with each kill, Broonmark's desire for carnage and bloodshed intensified. His clan soon challenged his brutal leadership, and Broonmark watched in anger as the gentle Talz he fought to empower mutinied against him.


Likes: Violence as a solution, testing yourself, protecting those close to you

Dislikes: Betrayal of allies, inaction, talking things out


Broonmark prefers Trophy and Weapon gifts.

Broonmark gift preferences
Courting Cultural Delicacies Imperial Luxury Maintenance Military Republic Technology Trophy Underworld Weapon
++ ++ ++ +++ +++ ++++ ++++


  • Broonmark