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C2-N2 is a starship droid for all the Galactic Republic classes including the Jedi Knight, the Jedi Consular, the Smuggler and the Trooper. C2-N2 is an auxiliary companion primarily used for crafting purposes, though he can be used in the field in any role. While being used in the field, he will use his fists to fight in battle. He is found on the player's ship at all times other-wise and will say various phrases as you pass him aboard.


The C2-N2 ship droid represents the latest advances in both starship maintenance and personal service. Drawing from a vast library of technical readouts, blueprints, and manuals, C2-N2 can keep your starship in top-shape. C2-N2 is also programmed with advanced etiquette protocols which allow him to tend to each member of a ship’s crew on an individual basis. This includes being able to prepare specialized meals to cater to a crewmember’s particular tastes or dietary needs.

Some C2 models, including C2-N2, have been programmed with basic first aid and self-defense protocols. However, the effectiveness of these services has proven to be less-than-desired in field testing. Owners of a C2-series ship droid are advised against bringing their droid with them when visiting potentially dangerous areas.


C2N2 (or more properly, (CN)2 ) is the Molecular formula for Cyanogen[1], a colorless, toxic gas with a pungent odor which can be further refined into Cyanide. This should make us worry when he informs you that he's released an aroma of Alderaanian nectar through out the ship for your enjoyment.

Knights of the Fallen Empire

"C2-N2 is a model of gentlemanly manners and polite efficiency. A Hollis-series steward droid that served one of the Republic's most famous heroes, he will do everything in his considerable programming power to ensure that his master's starship always maintains the proper air of respectability. This includes high-powered dusting capabilities, monitoring the crew's caloric intake and a selection of aromas from across the galaxy to satisfy even the pickiest of noses."
―Foremost Authority on Comfort[src]
C2-N2 previously relied on upgrades in order to get nearly the same benefits as other Companions. This is no longer the case since Patch 4.0, as C2-N2 has the exact same abilities and roles as other Companion Characters.



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