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StrongLevel 2 Duelist NPC (Strong)

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Health: 270
Planet: Tython
Region: The Gnarls
Instance: Gnarls Cavern

Callef is a human Force user that has can be found in the Gnarls, a valley used by the Jedi Order for training on the planet Tython. Intent on overwhelming the Jedi in the area, Callef leads a force of Flesh Raiders against the Order.[1]


Flesh Raiders are attack the Jedi that use the Gnarls as a training ground. It has been discovered that these native invaders have been arriving in the valley through the Gnarls Cavern. If the attack is to be overcome any route that reinforcements might use to join the battle must be sealed, but first the leader of the invading force, a man named Callef, must be defeated.[1]

Mission objective
Icon class jediknight.png [1] Attack of the Flesh Raiders

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