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A cargo hold is a personal storage area located on a character's starship. Cargo holds can be accessed from a starship or from kiosks located on the fleet and on various planets. Crafting items stored in the cargo hold will be used when crafting items from the crew skill window, which eliminates the need to have all of the crafting items in a character's inventory.

Cargo hold space[]

A cargo hold has 80 slots for items. Additional bays can be purchased with credits or from the Cartel Market for 475 Cartel Coins, starting at level 20. Preferred Status players can purchase additional bays with Cartel Coins. FTP players cannot access the cargo hold, but can receive complimentary access by purchasing anything from the Cartel Market which will upgrade their account to Preferred Status.

  • Bay 2 - Level 20 - Credit 40,000 or Cartel coin 475
  • Bay 3 - Level 40 - Credit 400,000 or Cartel coin 475
  • Bay 4 - Level 50 - Credit 1,000,000 or Cartel coin 475

Legacy cargo hold[]

Cargo hold kiosks[]

Galactic Republic[]

Sith Empire[]