Carrick Station
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Carrick Station
Region: Republic Fleet

Carrick Station is a space station that is a part of the Republic Fleet. This is a travel hub for Tython, Ord Mantell, and Coruscant.


The venerable Carrick Station is currently designated as the Republic Navy's primary rally point. Once merely a hub for civilian traffic within Republic borders, it has become increasingly strategically important since the return of the Sith Empire. Targeted for assault and sabotage numerous times, Carrick Station has proven to be as hardy as the Republic hero it was named for.


Codex/Carrick Station


  • AG-11 <Flashpoint Courier>
  • B5-2T <Flashpoint Courier>
  • Captain Jefris
  • G4-0M <Flashpoint Courier>
  • J8R-1 <Flashpoint Courier>
  • K6P-3 <Flashpoint Courier>
  • Lieutenant Ha'laa
  • Lieutenant Larall
  • Major Tsel'rbah
  • Master Nimi
  • Master Ostar-Gal
  • Master Sarala
  • Master Shanji-vru
  • M8T-V <Flashpoint Courier>
  • MP-77 <Flashpoint Courier>
  • Officer Rann <Guild Registrar>
  • P-2XN <Flashpoint Courier>
  • Republic Security Guard
  • RL-4
  • Sammo Kob
  • Sergeant Collo
  • Whisper <Flashpoint Courier>
  • Zeevar

Class trainers

Crew Skill trainers

  • Armala <Armormech (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Doctor Crymi <Biochem (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Doctor Ivok <Bioanalysis (Gathering Trainer)>
  • Dreho Dreho <Treasure Hunting (Mission Trainer)>
  • Frira <Slicing (Gathering Trainer)>
  • Loyada <Diplomacy (Mission Trainer)>
  • Master Eskel <Artifice (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Master Obip <Synthweaving (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Private Trakri <Armstech (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Reyedo Orr <Cybertech (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Sectoso <Underworld Trading (Mission Trainer)>
  • Shonbla <Archaeology (Gathering Trainer)>
  • Vitley <Investigation (Mission Trainer)>
  • Womprat <Scavenging (Gathering Trainer)>


  • Archaeologist Unkorsa <Pre-Order Crystal Vendor>
  • Barik <Speeder Vendor>
  • Bartender <Cantina Vendor>
  • C9-40 <Social Items Vendor>
  • Captain Gek <Starship Upgrades>
  • Jhaffus <Collector's Edition Vendor>
  • Luna <Curator>
  • Mira <Light Side Vendor>
  • Nehimmo <VIP Goods Vendor>
  • Republic Medical Droid
  • Roab <Stims Vendor>
  • S-4S0 <Starship Upgrades>
  • Serdarn <Crew Skill Trade Vendor>
  • Tamin <Security Key Vendor>
  • Teintonja <Companion Gifts Vendor>
  • Vindir <Dark Side Vendor>

Commendation vendors

  • Bryint <Ord Mantell Commendations>
  • Captain Jassick <Balmorra Equipment Commendations>
  • Corporal Daz <Taris Equipment Commendations>
  • Darthyn <Tython Commendations>
  • Dyshotto <Coruscant Modification Commendations>
  • Fuz'een <Hoth Equipment Commendations>
  • Gro'lak <Belsavis Equipment Commendations>
  • Grymarch <Tatooine Modification Commendations>
  • Iskrila <Belsavis Modification Commendations>
  • Jorelle <Coruscant Equipment Commendations>
  • Lehibe <Corellia Equipment Commendations>
  • Leskogo <Corellia Modification Commendations>
  • Lieutenant Cronnin <Balmorra Modification Commendations>
  • Obrukasha <Nar Shaddaa Modification Commendations>
  • Paron <Taris Modification Commendations>
  • Shaleen <Voss Equipment Commendations>
  • Siriki <Alderaan Modification Commendations>
  • Thispy <Nar Shaddaa Equipment Commendations>
  • Tielon <Tatooine Equipment Commendations>
  • Tindalo <Alderaan Equipment Commendations>
  • Vortine <Voss Modification Commendations>
  • Yurrita <Hoth Modification Commendations>

Gear vendors

  • Lieutenant Forrs <Columi Gear>
  • Master Jorol <Columi Gear>
  • Master Oh'dvek <Rakata Gear>
  • Master Raimu <Tionese Gear>
  • Master Solania <Rakata Gear>
  • Master Vikto <Columi Gear>
  • Master Zua <Tionese Gear>
  • Quartermaster Hua <Rakata Gear>
  • Sergeant Natara <Tionese Gear>
  • Sonng Tarvo <Tionese Gear>
  • Vin'chen Zo <Rakata Gear>
  • Yu Dakar <Columi Gear>

PvP vendors

  • Captain Lorvon <Champion PvP Gear>
  • Captain Tracer <PvP Weapons>
  • Corr <PvP Items>
  • Graffam <Centurion PvP Gear>
  • Kennet Parn <PvP Armor>
  • Lieutenant Rell <PvP Armor>
  • Lucky Lana <Battlemaster PvP Gear>
  • Major Xa <Battlemaster PvP Gear>
  • Master Futrad <Champion PvP Gear>
  • Master Groj <Battlemaster PvP Gear>
  • Master Iodana <Champion PvP Gear>
  • Master Pradoc <Battlemaster PvP Gear>
  • Pazaak Jack <PvP Armor>
  • Private Ushallaj <Centurion PvP Gear>
  • Twist <Centurion PvP Gear>
  • Von Elzif <Champion PvP Gear>
  • Wan Bel Sho <PvP Armor>
  • Yallenkeljo <Centurion PvP Gear>
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