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Cartel Coins (Cartel coin) is currency used to purchase goods from the Cartel Market.

Obtaining coins[]

Aside from purchasing with real money, cartel coins can be obtained for free through completing achievements. Different subscription plans also give different monthly coin grants. Having a security key attached to your account also gives you 100 cartel coins per month.

Subscription length Coins per month
30 days 500
60 days 525
90 days 550
180 days 600

List of coin packages[]

Purchasing any coin package will upgrade your account to Preferred status.

Package size Price
450 cartel coins $4.99 USD
1050 cartel coins $9.99 USD
2400 cartel coins $19.99 USD
5500 cartel coins $39.99 USD
14500 cartel coins $99.99 USD

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