Cartel Listening Station
Cartel Listening Station
Attack on listening station begins
Vital statistics
Location Hutt Space
Rewards Credits Credits (330)
Fleet commendation 1 Fleet Commendation
Level Available 12
Ship Grade Any
Duration 6:38

This quest is received fairly early after you receive your ship. This Space Battle along with the Saleucami Fleet Action comprise the two missions of the Operation Echo Quake player mission.


The Republic with the Hutt's approval have setup a listening station to intercept Imperial communications. You've been called in as reinforcement to an all-out attack to destroy the station.



  • Destroy station turrets - 12
  • Destroy station shield generators - 2
  • Destroy station hangars - 3
  • Destroy station antennae - 3


  • Obliterate Talon Fighters - 60


Unless you have upgraded to Grade 1 ship gear, only use torpedoes on the turrets, shield generators, hangars and antennae of the station. In order to ensure each torpedo is used appropriately you may choose to start by taking out a specific type of target, allocating exactly the number of torpedoes to meet the objective. In other words, first chance to target on the station, target 4 turrets, then 4 again, and then the last 4 needed. Then target 2 shield generators. Followed by 3 hangars. Finally, put the rest of your torpedoes on the antennae.

An alternate strategy would be to indiscriminately unload torpedoes on stations targets while also using blaster cannons on additional targets while torpedoes are on their way. This way, any extra torpedo usage against excess target types is offset by the occasional target taken out with blaster cannons.

While the station is out of range, focus on taking out the 60 Talon Fighters for the bonus mission. You will need to keep your eye on the lanes of cargo containers. Running into one of these can cause a lot of damage. Especially be careful of prolonged blaster focus on incoming Talon Fighters in the center of your field of view. Its easy for this to distract from the cargo containers, especially when the Talon Fighters explode, obscuring the oncoming obstacles.

See Space Combat for general gameplay mechanics.


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