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Cassus Fett
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"This day, I release you from all allegiance to the Galactic Republic. The Mando'ade are your clan now."
―Cassus Fett, to the people of Taris

Cassus Fett was a male Human Mandalorian Neo-Crusader and was the right hand man of Mandalore the Ultimate during the Mandalorian Wars. Cassus was the one who spearheaded the Mandalorian Neo-Crusader movement when it was small before it eventually become the dominant part of the Mandalorians. Before long, Cassus Fett turned the Mandalorians into a war machine intent on galactic conquest, winning many battles through unrivaled in his knowledge of tactics, he held a master of command.

However Cassus Fett would commit many war crimes during Mandalorian Wars. The massacre of the Cathar people, the bombing of Vanquo, before then he would kill a Republic captain on his own flagship. Cassus become the most wanted man in galaxy. But he was presumed dead by the time of the Jedi Civil War. His descendant Vorten Fett was seen commanding a Mandalorian mercenary army on Taris during Cold War, but not with same ruthless as Cassus did.


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