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  • Codex entries all updated (text and image + location where acquired).
  • Galactic Command
    • Detail information on what Galactic Command is.
    • Rewards
    • Command Crate drops
  • Datacrons - complete list + how to find them.
  • Galactic Conquest updates
  • KOTFE and KOTET story updates
  • Alliance Supply Crates
  • Planets
    • Screenshots of each named area/region/city.
    • Planetary story quests fleshed out.
  • Strongholds
    • Update pricing info.
  • Decorations
    • Update on pricing, location acquired/vendor, screenshots and/or gifs.
    • Screenshots with hooks, without hooks.
  • World bosses
    • Updated screenshots of boss for infobox
    • Updated strategy and links to boss abilities.
  • Flashpoints
    • Story information and missions filled out.
    • Screenshots of bosses
    • Guide on how to do each battle/mechanics
  • Classes
    • Advanced classes fleshed out and abilities segregated appropriately between them.
  • Storyline updates for each character.
  • Races
    • Updated screenshots
  • Character Creation
    • Screen shots that display creation options both Normal and Cartel.

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  • Follow the Gamepedia Manual of Style.
  • Take a look at the Wiki content projects on the forums and dive in.
  • Look at the wanted pages list and create article stubs with some information on the topic.
  • Take a look at articles that are marked "stubs", and see if you can add more information!
    • Check out the articles listed for a "cleanup". These articles are outdated or of otherwise poor quality and need correction.
  • Integrate information from here into the various topics and FAQ section.
  • Work on Lore-related articles, using the Lore portal page to link to them. Remember, SWTOR takes place just after the Treaty of Coruscant, so only lore prior to that date is relevant.
  • Keep the Inhabitants page updated.
  • Update the individual class ability pages with patch changes.
  • Add codex entries.
  • Keep existing articles & info up-to-date. If you come across anything contradicted by new information then please edit the page!
  • For specific requests for Admins use the noticeboard.

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