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"Chagrians are amphibious beings with distinctive horns that evolved on the watery planet of Champala. Individual Chagrians are raised as tadpoles in pools of water within their family homes; upon gaining their adult forms, they retain the ability to breathe underwater but lose their sense of taste. Due to the unstable history of Champala’s star, Chagrians also have a natural resistance to radiation. Chagrian society is largely peaceful. Champala’s government is famous for being even-handed, ensuring a high quality of life for all its citizens while showing special favor to none. This mentality is often borne out in Chagrian individuals; in Republic politics, Chagrians are often painted as naive idealists by their opponents, but they can be fiercely devoted to their constituents."
―In-game Codex (Species)[src]

Chagrians are a race of amphibious humanoids native to the planet Champala.

The average Chagrian stand taller than a human with blue skin ranging in tone from light blue to indigo. They are distinguished by two fleshy growths protruding from the sides of their heads, which they call lethorns. Males also sport two horns growing from the top of their skulls. These were once used in underwater duels to attract a mate, and were seen as a sign of the males' strength and virility.

Females lack the superior cranial horns, but have more pronounced and longer posterior head plates. These can reach halfway down their back. Chagrians also have very long black forked tongues. Chagrians are truly amphibious, retaining their ability to breathe underwater while also able to function without difficulty in air. They also possess acute low-light vision.

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