The success of Plaver Character actions often hinges on the character's stats:

  • Strength - Increases your aptitude in melee combat.
  • Presence - Increases the effectiveness of your companion.
  • Aim - Increases your aptitude with ranged weapons.
  • Cunning - Increases your aptitude with technological abilities.
  • Endurance - Increases the amount of damage you can suffer before being defeated.
  • Willpower - Increases your aptitude with Force powers.
  • Expertise - Increases your effectiveness in PvP combat.
  • Social - Displays all Social points earned from communicating with others.
  • Valor - Rank and Points Valor Rank is experience gained through PvP. The higher your Valor Rank, the more experienced you are in PvP combat. Valor points are earned as you receive higher Valor Ranks and can be used to purchase PvP items.

These stats are enhanced primarily by the equipment used and by locating datacrons.

Source: SWTOR Online Game Manual

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