Citadel Station
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Citadel Station
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Restoration facility
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Telos system/Telos IV
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  • Residential modules
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"Under the care of the herds of Ithor, the surface of Telos will bloom again, and it's golden fields shall again harbor scientists and thinkers. And complacent and peaceful, it shall forget the time that Saul Karath orbited it and brought fire to it's skies. But it shall be a homeworld again to others, who will stretch out across the galaxy and bring life."
Darth Traya to Meetra Surik at Malachor V

Citadel Station was a colossal space station that served as the staging area for the Galactic Republic's effort to restore the ruined planet of Telos IV.


Citadel Station was a vast network that consisted of hundreds of fully enclosed, multi level modules that were connected by a series of support structures. Citadel Station was constructed to orbit above Telos IV. The space station was made up of a vast number of residential modules for station personnel, entertainment modules and docking modules. Each module was also given a numerical designation appended to its type. The station also projected the shield walls that separated the restoration zones from each other, generating and controlling the weather patterns over each area.


In the aftermath of the bombardment of Telos by the Sith Admiral Saul Karath in 3,960 BBY, the surface of that world was devastated. It's land was scourched and it's atmosphere turned into acidic vapor clouds that produced chemical rain, which killed all remaining life on the planet. After the defeat of the Sith Empire under Darth Malak three years later, the Galactic Republic under the leadership of Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa, set out to restore the environment of Telos IV. This effort was intended to inspire a general sense of recovery, spur the galactic economy, and to test the viability of similar projects aimed at restoring other Outer Rim worlds devastated during the Mandalorian Wars and Jedi Civil War. The Republic began the project in 3,955 BBY by funding the Ithorian herd under the leadership of Chodo Habat, who wished to restore Telos to its former glory. As part of this Restoration Project, the surface was divided up into an grid of restoration zones, which would be created by and coordinated through facilities on Citadel Station.

Citadel Station was intended to be a base of operations for the Telosian Restoration Project, serving as a home for the vast numbers of workers and supplies used in restoring the planet, as well as a conduit for bringing in specimens of flora and fauna from across the Galaxy. As the station was constructed and assembled, various interests began to move into the station, taking advantage of the generosity of the Republic Senate. Czerka Corporation and the Exchange are just two of the organisations that set up shop in the various modules of the station as it took shape.

Meetra Surik and her companions arrived on Citadel Station, after narrowly escaping Darth Sion. A while later, the station came under attack from the Sith fleet lead by Darth Nihilus, who had come to Telos believing that there were a large number of Force sensitives on that world upon whose Force energy he could feed. His fleet of Sith Fighters and Interdictor-class cruisers, led by the Ravager, assaulted the station's defenses and landed battalions of Sith troops on the station, even as the Telosians attempted to hold them off with starfighters of their own. As the battle raged on, Meetra and her party, in pursuit of Darth Traya, boarded the station and met with Lieutenant Grenn in the Ithorian compound as he organized a fighting retreat and evacuation. The Telosian Security Force was joined up with reinforcements led by Major Riiken on behalf of Queen Talia of Onderon, in addition to this a contingent of Khoonda Militia from Dantooine under the command of Captain Zherron arrived. Surik led this combined force against the Sith lines, breaching their cordon in Residential Module 082 and heading for the nearby entertainment module and the TSF station, where a group of Dark Jedi were attempting to sabotage the station's fuel supply line.

After securing the station, Meetra Surik, Visas Marr and Mandalore the Preserver, who had brought along a large contingent of Mandalorian warriors, infiltrated Nihilus's flagship as Republic reinforcements, under the command of Admiral Carth Onasi, arrived to engage the Sith fleet, and Surik succeeded in destroying the Ravager from within. In the wake of the Dark Lord's demise, the Sith forces were thoroughly defeated. Once the battle was over, Surik and her party gathered on Citadel Station, where she met with Admiral Onasi to discuss a mutual acquaintance, before departing for the Unknown Regions in pursuit of Darth Traya.



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