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Claim Your New Identity

Level 2 mission
Imperial Agent Class Mission

Planet [[Hutta]]
Area [[Jiguuna]]
Start [[Keeper]]
End [[Jheeg]]
Bonus Sith Empire Icon class imperialagent.png [2] Leave No Witnesses
Next Sith Empire Icon class imperialagent.png [4] Soiree

Claim Your New Identity is a level 2 Imperial Agent class mission. It is the first class mission for Imperial Agents and starts when the character lands on Hutta.


Your first mission as an Imperial agent brings you to Hutta. Your handler, Keeper, has ordered you to assume a cover identity and convince Nem'ro the Hutt to ally with the Empire.

Your room at The Poison Pit cantina is secure, allowing you to safely contact your superiors at Imperial Intelligence. Use the holoterminal and speak with Keeper.''

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Claim Your New Identity mission description



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