Clan Cadera
Notable members

Clan Cadera was a Mandalorian clan in existence during the times of the Great Galactic War, the subsequent Cold War between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire that followed, and then the fighting against the Eternal Throne. The clan was once lead by the respected Mandalorian warrior, Jicoln Cadera, a honored warrior of the respected clan. However when Artus Lok become Mandalore and sought to continue the alliance with the Sith Empire, Jicoln had refused to aid the enemies of his ancestors, the one he was born to fight. Soon clans such as Ordo, Kelborn, and Itera joined Cadera in supporting the Galactic Republic as did Mandalore the Preserver did three centuries ago during the Dark Wars.

The rebel Mandalorians fought against Mandalore the Vindicated and his following Mandalorians, thus breaking the once friendship between Artus and Jicoln had. But the fighting ended in favor of Mandalore, Jicoln was thought to have been killed after his duel with Artus, but he was actually exiled on Taris. The remaining members of clan, mostly women and children, were brought back into the Mandalorian clans.

Jicoln's actions left a dishonor mark on the clan, his own son was often called arue'tal, or "traitor's blood." Though he did reclaim his clan's honor back when he hunted his father down with the Grand Champion on Taris.

During the time of fighting against the Eternal Empire, Torian Cadera was the new clan chief but there was not many members of his clan left as Torian was the only one of his clan to answer Mandalore the Avenger's call to Darvannis.


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