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Classic Operations

Level 50 mission
Weekly Mission

Start Operations Terminal
End Operations Dropbox
This article is for the Republic mission. For the Imperial mission, see Classic Operations (Empire).

Classic Operations is a level 50 weekly operation mission. It is obtained from an operation mission terminal.


Aid the Republic by completing one of the following Operations in Hard or Nightmare Mode.

[Operation: The Eternity Vault]
Defeat Soa, the Infernal One (Hard or Nightmare Mode).

[Operation: Karagga's Palace]
Defeat Karagga the Unyielding (Hard or Nightmare Mode).

[Operation: Explosive Conflict]
Defeat Warlord Kephess (Hard or Nightmare Mode).

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Classic Operations mission description


  • Completed One Listed Operation: The Eternity Vault (Hard) Karagga's Palace (Hard) Explosive Conflict (Hard)
  • Return to the Operations Dropbox


  • Credit.png 19,642
  • Provided Rewards:

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