Clear Out Vexx's Safehouse

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Sith Empire Clear Out Vexx's Safehouse
Sith Empire

Level 1 Sith Empire mission
Bounty Hunter Bonus Mission

Planet [[Hutta]]
Area [[Jiguuna]]
Location Vexx's Safe House
Start [[Icon class bountyhunter.png [3] Gauntlet]]

Mission Chain

Character Creation
  • Icon class bountyhunter.png [3] Gauntlet
    • Icon class bountyhunter.png [1] Clear Out Vexx's Safehouse



Nem'ro the Hutt

Clear Out Vexx's Safehouse is a level 1 bonus mission available to Bounty Hunters. It can be obtained on the planet Hutta while completing the class mission Gauntlet, after entering Vexx's Safe House; this bonus mission begins following the defeat of a Hired Outlaw.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Vexx has quite the posse. I they're allowed to escape, they'll warn Vexx that you're after him. Make sure none of the hired outlaws in Vexx's safe house survive your visit.
~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Clear Out Vexx's Safehouse mission description

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Rewards[edit | edit source]

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