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Clear the Path to the Jedi Temple

Level 1 mission
Jedi Knight Bonus Mission

Planet [[Tython]]
Area [[The Gnarls]]
Start Kill a Flesh Raider Lurker.
End Complete objective.
Bonus for Galactic Republic Icon class jediknight [1] Attack of the Flesh Raiders

Clear the Path to the Jedi Temple is a level 1 bonus mission available to player characters belonging to the Galactic Republic faction. It can be obtained on the planet Tython, in the area known as the Gnarls. This mission is begun by defeating a Flesh Raider Lurker found along the path to the Jedi Temple.


The Flesh Raider attack on the Jedi training grounds known as the Gnarls has been overcome. Though invaders can still be found within the valley, the cavern they were using to enter the area has been sealed by Master Orgus Din. Their passage closed, several of the hostile natives have begun watching the path between the Gnarls and the Jedi Temple, ambushing anyone they find in the region.


The increasing hostility of the Flesh Raiders represents a growing threat to the Jedi Temple."

"Now, the path to the Jedi Temple has been beset by Flesh Raider lurkers. Eliminate as many as you can on your way to the Jedi Temple.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Clear the Path to the Jedi Temple mission description


  • Defeat Flesh Raider Lurkers 0/4


Mission Chain[]

  1. Icon class jediknight [1] Attack of the Flesh Raiders
  2. Icon class jediknight [5] High-Tech Savages
    • Icon class jediknight [3] Low-Tech Methods (Bonus)
  3. Icon class jediknight [6] Enemy Force
    • Icon class jediknight [4] Guards of the Leader (Bonus)
  4. Icon class jediknight [6] The Face of the Enemy
  5. Icon class jediknight [7] Dark Temptations
    • Icon class jediknight [6] Scars of the Dark Side (Bonus)
  6. Icon class jediknight [9] Weapon of the Jedi
    • Icon class jediknight [6] Remnants Invasion (Bonus)
    • Icon class jediknight [6] High Heresies (Bonus)
    • Icon class jediknight [7] Forge Ahead (Bonus)
    • Icon class jediknight [8] Putting Your New Weapon to Use (Bonus)
  7. Icon class jediknight [9] Seeking Darkness

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