Codex interface

The Codex is a database of lore that constantly increases as the player discovers different people, places and events throughout the game.[1]


Codex entries create an exploration mini-game, with rewards that range from increased understanding of game situations to permanent increases to character stats. Codex entries spawn in predictable locations, but a character can only use each codex once. The Codex interface itself increases the visibility of the codex devices, providing players with an easy way to track their progress in finding all the available devices on a planet or in a category. Almost all codex entries will provide the player experience when first gained.

To open the Codex, press L and click the Codex tab. The Codex lists all the information you have gathered on various subjects within the galaxy. You obtain a Codex entry automatically through exploration and discovery. Each Codex entry is organized into sections (Location, Species, Organizations, etc.), and each section has a progress bar and tally to indicate the amount of data available and how much data you have collected on a particular subject.

In order to see your progress and browse the codex entries, select that planet's entry. Each planet entry displays a breakdown of what information has been found on that planet. This breakdown can be maximized and minimized. Select OVERVIEW to compare progress against all planets.

Types of Codex Devices

Based on information-gathering features in other BioWare games, SWTOR codex entries typically expand the information known about the various settings and creatures a player encounters. Some entries go beyond this to also mention key points of knowledge about important people and concepts in the player character's class story.

Codex entries can be categorized on a continuum. Some are free, in the sense that they are collected simply by completing quest tasks. These items help to clarify the basic background of various locations and central figures in a class story. Other codex entries are found off the beaten path, requiring some time to be spent on exploration and overcoming minor challenges. In this middle area, examples might include:

  • Exploring into distant locations on the map
  • Killing a rare, more challenging k’lor’slug in Korriban’s tombs
  • Exploring Jedi artifacts in the Academy’s library
  • Completing quests for various alien species

At the high end of the codex spectrum, datacrons may require a certain amount of dedicated effort to locate and actually reach the codex device. Some datacrons will reward players with permanent increases to a character stat. Providing the codex system with such valuable rewards helps to make game exploration an important part of the SWTOR community .

Codex Categories

For ease of navigation the Codex is divided into several categories.


It is possible to track which entries you have and the number of entries you are missing for each category. At the top each category screen is a progress bar with the total number of entries available for that category.


Estimates of the codex entries as of May 2011 are that they include around 120,000 words of text---more than an average Star Wars novel. And the system is designed to be easily expandable.


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