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Datacron - Galactic History 06: The Infinite Empire Collapses

Galactic History 06: The Infinite Empire Collapses is a codex entry found within the Achievements: Datacrons section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked. It is earned on the planet Coruscant.

Codex entry

The Rakata species had created a glorious Infinite Empire with their Force-fueled machines, but cracks were beginning to show. The cruelty of the Rakata to their slaves and occupied worlds grew more pronounced. If a planet's population rebelled, that entire world would be burned to glass.

Despite this, more slave rebellions began to rise across the galaxy, forcing the Rakata to divide their forces to deal with them. A plague, either created by the rebelling slaves or by Rakata dissidents, began to decimate the Rakata population. The Rakata realized that, possibly due to the plague, they were losing their connection to the Force; without it, they were cut off from their technology.

The fall of the Infinite Empire, once it began, was swift. The slaves overwhelmed their Rakata overseers, who fled into the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. The Rakata degenerated into a tribal culture and even resorted to cannibalism. The Infinite Empire was gone; only its technology was left behind.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Achievements:Datacrons - Galactic History 05: Rise of the Infinite Empire codex entry

Entry details

The Galactic History 06: The Infinite Empire Collapses codex entry can be unlocked by finding it in an explorable area.

Planet Coruscant
Area The Works
Coordinates X: 1172, Y: 4422


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