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Havoc Squad Codex Illustration

Havoc Squad is a codex entry found within the Organizations section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked. It provides information on Havoc Squad, an elite special forces unit of the Republic military.

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Codex entry[]

The founding unit of the Republic Special Forces division, infantry squad 326--code-named "Havoc Squad"--is renowned as the army's most elite fighting team. Despite the total secrecy of Havoc's missions, the team has taken on an almost superhuman reputation on both sides of the war--unstoppable commandos who can strike anytime, anywhere, regardless of opposition."

"Before Special Forces existed as a separate division of its own, Havoc Squad was attached to a standard infantry division throughout the Great War. It wasn't until the Battle of Alderaan that the squad rose to galactic fame, leading a small group of wounded and recovering men to victory against a massive Imperial invasion force."

"The value of small elite units had been proven, and Havoc Squad was later chosen as the model for a full division of highly trained and agile infantry squads--the Republic Special Forces.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Havoc Squad codex entry

Entry details[]

Havoc Squad is unlocked by Troopers after speaking to Commander Tavus on Ord Mantell. Speaking with Tavus is the final objective of the Trooper class mission Hit the Ground Running.

Planet Ord Mantell
Area Fort Garnik
Mission Icon class trooper.png [2] Hit the Ground Running


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