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Jiguuna is a codex entry found within the Locations section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked. It can be earned on the planet Hutta and provides a brief background and summary on the town of Jiguuna.

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Codex entry[]

Hutts are notoriously territorial creatures, and their settlements reflect this. Enormous urban centers inhabited by thousands of Hutts are few on Hutta; instead, the planet's industrial towns are scattered across the globe, ruled like city-states by whichever Hutt rises to the top.

Jiguuna is one such industrial town, serving as an operational hub for nearby factories, mines and processing centers. Booming and influential two centuries ago, Jiguuna fell into anarchy when its founder, Bakuush the Hutt, died in a mechanical accident. Afterward, Jiguuna's population of humanoid enforcers, workers and slaves fought for scraps under a succession of would-be gang lords.

Eventually, a Hutt called Nem'ro eliminated his competitors and declared himself Jiguuna's new ruler. Since then, Jiguuna has been on an upswing, facilitating the distribution of shvash gas, spice and weapons. Competition with neighboring Hutts has brought gang warfare back to town, but business goes on, and Nem'ro controls the locals with bribes and brute force.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Jiguuna codex entry

Entry details[]

Jiguuna is unlocked when a character first enters the town, located on the planet Hutta. Only players belonging to the Sith Empire faction can earn this codex unlock.

Planet Hutta
Area Jiguuna [-430, 290]


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