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Lurker Codex Illustration

The Lurker codex entry is located within the Bestiary section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked. It provides a brief overview of the Lurker species.

Codex text[]

Lean, amphibious bipeds with a tendency to travel in packs, lurkers are carrion eaters most comfortable in tropical environments. Alone, they usually avoid confronting danger, crawling into tight spaces and observing potential threats from a distance. In numbers, they can strike with a rabid, frenzied intensity, happily downing prey for later consumption.

Biologists serving the Hutt Cartel believe that lurkers originated on a nameless jungle world on the edges of the Torch Nebula. They were first identified in the wider galaxy two hundred years ago, and have begun appearing on more and more worlds ever since. No convincing explanation for the lurkers’ spread has been offered, leaving the creatures a disturbing mystery.''

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Lurker codex entry

Entry details[]

You get this codex by killing Rift Lurker, found almost everywhere Minimum Security Section in small groups (3-4).

Planet Belsavis
Area Minimum Security Section
Lore Object


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