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The Quesh codex entry is located within the Planets section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked.

Codex text[]

Once a lush tropical swamp, Quesh’s atmosphere became toxic after a series of quakes released dangerous chemicals contained below the planet surface. Most of the native wildlife died off, and Quesh became poisonous to virtually all higher species. Quesh’s toxicity is also its source of value–the chemicals that poisoned the atmosphere are usable in the most powerful adrenals and stimulants. The Republic, with the aid of the Hutt Cartel, has staked a claim to Quesh and is attempting to establish chemical mines. Upon learning of Quesh’s existence, the Empire quickly established a presence of its own.


~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Quesh codex entry

Entry details[]

You get this codex when you first arrive on Quesh

Planet Quesh
Lore Object Planet