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Reclamation Base codex illustration

Reclamation Base is a codex entry located within the locations section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked. It can be earned on the planet Taris, and provides a brief background and summary of the area known as the Olaris Reclamation Base.

Codex entry[]

As part of its efforts to rebuild and restore ruined Taris, the Republic has set up a reclamation base that acts as the headquarters and point of arrival for all who come to help with the reconstruction effort. The base was first established shortly after the Treaty of Coruscant, when it became clear that the republic needed to shore up morale and show it could still stand strong. The Taris reclamation effort has become symbolic of the Republic's will to restore life where the Empire brings only destruction.
~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Reclamation Base codex entry

Entry details[]

This codex entry is unlocked upon entering the area.

Planet Taris
Area Olaris Reclamation Base, Republic Resettlement Zone


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