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Varactyl Codex Illustration

The Varactyl codex entry is located within the Bestiary section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked. It provides a brief overview of the Varactyl species.

Codex text[]

Originating on the planet Utapau, where they were trained and used extensively as mounts, the varactyl has become a popular mode of non-mechanized transportation across the galaxy. As a result, the reptavian creatures have thrived on a great many worlds, both as mounts and in the wild.

The most famous varactyl-rider, Hrosus the Swift, was able to coax his mount to phenomenal speeds, once beating a swoop bike in a head-to-head race. This same speed makes varactyl formidable opponents; although they can be peaceful, loving creatures when among creatures they view as friendly, they are highly territorial and viciously protect their nests from aggressors.''

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Varactyl codex entry

Entry details[]

I've got this codex by killing one of the Voracius Belsavis Varactyl in the High Security Section around (Coordinates X: -565, Y: 301)

Planet Belsavis
Area High Security Section (Coordinates X: -565, Y: 301)
Lore Object


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