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Colicoid War Game

Colicoid War Game

Galactic Republic and Sith Empire Flashpoint

Location Asteroid in Outer Rim

Colicoid War Game is a level 40-44 Flashpoint available to both Imperial and Republic players. The flashpoint is notable for only having 1 boss encounter and 2 mini-games, making it frustrating for pick-up groups.


The Colicoids are an insectoid species that specialize in the development and sale of weapons and technology. Throughout the war, the Colicoids have sold their wares to both sides, but now they wish to align themselves with one faction. To see which side is more deserving of their business, the Colicoids have constructed an advanced war game on a remote asteroid located somewhere in the Outer Rim.
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  • Sith Empire [41G] Flashpoint: Colicoid War Game
  • Sith Empire [41F] Colicoid War Game
  • Sith Empire [44D] Emerging Conflicts IV


  • Annihilator 6K-A2


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