This article is about color crystals crafted using the Artifice crew skill. You may be looking for the more general category of Color Crystal used for item modification, or the crafting material Color Crystals (Crafting Material) obtained from Archaeology.

This crafted item modification both improves the statistics of a weapon, and changes the color appearance of the weapon (for melee weapons) or its bolts (for ranged weapons). Most color crystals apply a single color, but some have a multi-color effect.

Unlike most crafted items, the statistics of color crystals are not affected by the skill level of the crafter nor the grade of the materials used in crafting; only the color varies with skill and material grade. All standard Artifice-crafted color crystals are artifact-quality, provide a +41 statistic increase, and are item rating 138.

Modification effects

There are three basic variants of crafted color crystals:

  • Advanced (color) Eviscerating Color Crystal: +41 Critical Rating
  • Advanced (color) Hawkeye Color Crystal: +41 Power
  • Advanced (color) Indestructible Color Crystal: +41 Endurance

Each variant is available in all the craftable colors.


Crafting any color crystal requires the following materials of a grade corresponding to the skill level:

  • 2 artifact-quality gemstones
  • 4 prototype-quality gems
  • 8 Color Crystals (may be split between two colors)
  • 2 artifice bonded attachments.

Colors available

Trainer-taught schematics are available for the following weapon colors:

  • Amethyst (skill 500): requires 4 green + 4 blue color crystals
  • Blue (skill 1): requires 8 blue color crystals
  • Fire Red (skill 500): requires 4 red + 4 green color crystals
  • Green (skill 240): requires 8 green color crystals
  • Orange (skill 300): requires 6 red + 2 green color crystals
  • Red (skill 80): requires 8 red color crystals
  • White-Purple-Blue (skill 350): requires 8 blue color crystals
  • White-Yellow-Orange (skill 350): requires 8 red color crystals
  • Yellow (skill 160): requires 4 green + 4 red color crystals
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