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Combat (Skill Tree)
Faction: Republic
Base Class: Jedi Knight
Advanced Class:

Jedi Sentinel

Combat is a skill tree of the Jedi Knight's Sentinel advanced class.[1] This tree focuses on rapidly dispatching enemies in melee combat.

The following table contains the known skills that can be gained from this tree;

Skill tree abilities


Skill Type

Level Available


Blade Rush Blade Rush Active <20 Strikes the target with both weapons for 647-729 weapons damage and automatically triggers an Ataru Form strike. For seconds after using Blade Rush, your Ataru Form has an extra 30% chance to be triggered. Requires two lightsabers.
Opportune Attack Opportune Attack Passive <20 Ataru Form hits make the Sentinel's next ability that consumes focus to deal 10% more damage.
Defensive Role Passive Reduces damage taken by area effects by 15%.
Precision Slash Active Slashes the target for 396-407 weapon damage and grants Precision for 6 seconds, which increases armor penetration by 100%. Requires dual lightsabers.

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