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Articles depicting combat let us know that each class will have its own style. For example the Smuggler and the Imperial Agent classes will also have a cover system implemented, and the Bounty Hunter will be able to utilize its jet pack in various ways. Every class will have a role depending on its Advanced Class and its specialization, although such roles are heavily customizable. In fact, it has been confirmed that SWTOR will feature a "soft trinity" system, which will allow players to play in groups without the constant need of a particular setup. This is also encouraged by the innovative companion system, which is supposed to make the search for a group much easier, thanks to the fact that such companions will be able to fill any missing role in the group.

Combat in Star Wars The Old Republic will feature several different abilities for each class, which will need to be trained and upgraded much like in most modern MMOs. Unlike others, though, updated abilities will not only improve in statistics, but also visually. The developers have claimed that they are trying to make it so that a level 1 skill will never look and sound the same as its level 50 counterpart.

Another relevant feature is the complete lack of any form of auto-attack. The player will need to actively control their character and all of its strikes.