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Commando's Prototype Greaves
Commando's Prototype Greaves
Binds on Pickup
Heavy Armor (Rating 36)
   190 Armor
Durability: 120/120
Total Stats:
   +10 Mastery
   +14 Endurance

Requires Heavy Armor

Commando's Prototype Greaves are Custom-quality legs slot Heavy Armor. They can be obtained by the Trooper as a mission reward for completion of the level 11 Repeatable Heroic mission The Face Merchants.


Mission reward[]

Commando's Prototype Greaves are a mission reward obtained by completing The Face Merchants, a level 11 Repeatable Heroic mission obtained on the planet Coruscant, in the area known as Black Sun Territory.

Mission reward
Galactic Republic [11H2+] The Face Merchants

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