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Corellian Security Force
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"The Corellian Security Force, commonly referred to as CorSec, is the planet’s primary law enforcement agency. It employs officers in such diverse fields as computer science, diplomacy and armed tactical response. CorSec’s famed Special Operations Unit enlists some of the galaxy’s best infiltration specialists, tasking them with penetrating criminal organizations and dismantling them from within. Despite CorSec’s advanced training, it was unable to detect or stop the Empire’s conspiracy with the Corellian council to seize control of the planet. When Darth Decimus’s fleet arrived above Coronet City, CorSec leaders sent an immediate panic alert to all its officers and sent them underground. Many law enforcement operatives from CorSec now actively collaborate with the Republic military."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

The Corellian Security Force, more commonly known as CorSec, is the planetary law enforcement agency of Corellia.

Codex Location

For Empire players you get this when you pick up the quest: [HEROIC] CorSec Crackdown.

X: -1629, Y: 2145


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