Corruptor Zero
Corruptor Zero
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1.4 Million HP (Story Mode) 2.26 Million HP (Hard Mode)
Dread Fortress
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Corruptor Zero

Found in the Dread Fortress Operation Corrupter zero is a Droid Army General and the 4th Boss to be defeated. Before fighting the boss you must defeat all the previous bosses ( Nefra, Who Bars the Way , Gate Commander Draxus , and Grob'Thok, Who Feeds the Forge ) Corrupter Zero is the last boss before heading to Dread Master Brontes . 

Story Mode

Tank Swap

The Tank receives a stacking debuff from boss that forces the 2 tanks to tank swap at 4 stacks.

Concussion Mine

It is casted at random raid member sometime during the fight it has a cast bar. Whoever gets this stacking debuff will near AoE damage to themselves and rest of the raid. They will need to run to the boss and damage him with this ability to get it cleansed.


Droid adds will spawn before and in the fight. One of them will target a random team member and put down a red circle with Missile Salvo.

Melee Players

Massive Slam – a AoE that deals around 4000 damage. Heavy Slash – Channeled attack on tank that does a ton of damage. Healers/tanks need to be ready for this. Leaves a bleed at the end that can be cleansed by operatives/scoundrels and commandos/mercenaries.

Ranged Players

Anti-Gravity Field – It is a red circle casted on tank that lifts that lifts the tank and causes a lot of threat drop if not avoided. Chest Laser – Channeled attack with DoT that should be cleansed. Missile Barrage – AoE for whole team centered on each person, spread out to lessen damage.

After 20% 

Unified Beam – Laser attack past 20%, anyone caught in the path of the beam will be instantly killed. Adds at this point become melee.

Hard Mode

All the mechanics listed in story mode and the ones below.

Note: The mechanics listed above might be increased in a Hard Mode Fight

Tank Swap

Tanks will be receiving a stacking debuff from the boss that increase the boss’s damage to them so they will need to swap after 4 stacks.

Concussion Mine

At a random time during the fight, one random raid member will get a debuff. This debuff keeps stacking up and deals increasing AoE damage to the player and anyone around him. You will see him casting it but you can also tell if this debuff is is on your via your debuff icon or if you see a sphere keeps exploding over your character. When you receive this debuff, you will need to run next to the boss and hit him with this AoE attack to remove it.


Story Mode - Arkanian Offhand + Random Underworld Token + Random Verpine Piece

Hard Mode - Dread Forged Offhand + 2 Random Oriconian Pieces

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