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Core Worlds

Status: Capital of the Republic
Terrain: Cityscape
Key facts: Sacked by the Sith Empire several years ago, Coruscant is still recovering. Many sectors in the lower levels have fallen under gang control.

Coruscant is an ecumenopolis located in the Core Worlds region of space and is situated at the center of the hyperspace coordinate system. Due to this fact, the planet is sometimes referred to as the "center of the galaxy". Coruscant has served as the seat of power for the Galactic Republic since the government's founding, and also been the home of the Jedi Order for much of that time. At the end of the Great War Coruscant was attacked by the Sith Empire, and the damages inflicted in that assault persist to this day.[1]


The planet Coruscant has been the capitol world of the Galactic Republic since the government's inception. It is home of the Galactic Senate and the Supreme Chancellor, and its people have long been protected by both the Republic military and the Jedi Order. The world is open to all peaceful beings and sits at the center of the galaxy's hyperspace network; Coruscant's security, political prominence, and position at the center of galactic trade routes has transformed the planet's surface into a single globe-spanning metropolis.[1]

It was long believed Coruscant would always remain safe from enemy attack. Located well within the Core Worlds region of space and watched over by the Jedi, it was felt that no invading force could successfully bypass the capital's defenses. This belief was proven wrong, however, in the last days of the Great War. While delegations from both the Republic and the Sith Empire met on Alderaan to discuss a peace treaty the Empire successfully invaded Coruscant. Imperial forces destroyed the Jedi Temple and managed to kill the standing Supreme Chancellor; Coruscant was held hostage, and the Republic delegation was forced to accept the Empire's terms.[1][2]

In the years following the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant efforts have turned toward rebuilding what was lost in the Imperial attack. That said, insufficient funds and resources have forced the Senate to prioritize these recovery efforts; primary centers of commerce and politics have been restored, but much of the city still exists in a state of ruin. The Jedi Council founded a new Temple on the planet Tython, and much of the capital is now controlled by gangs and other criminals. Coruscant remains the center of life in the Galactic Republic, but a shadow resulting from the Empire's attack on the planet serves to tarnish the world known as the center of the galaxy.[1][3]

Codex entries[]

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Coruscant has 33 codex entries: 2 bestiary, 6 datacrons (see below), 1 epic enemy, 4 locations, 4 lore, 5 organizations, 3 persons of note, 1 ship, 6 species and 1 title.


Coordinates Reward Region Description Codex
2318, 1051 +2 Presence Old Galactic Market Shipping and receiving docks. Up lift, and through level 11 elite. Galactic History 08: Hyperspace Cannons
-3626, 151 +2 Endurance Black Sun Territory Start by climbing barrel at (-3773,133). You will have to cross two pipes and a sign. Turn off sprint to help with the initial climb then back on to cross the pipes. Galactic History 04: King Adas
1022, 3970 +2 Cunning Justicar Shipping Docks Start by climbing storage containers nearby. Galactic History 05: Rise of the Infinite Empire
-3087, 3031 +2 Strength Jedi Temple Ruins Start by climbing up the fallen pillar. Galactic History 07: The First Spaceflights
948, 4540 Yellow Matrix Shard Inside of The Works Start by climbing pipe at (1172,4422). Galactic History 06: The Infinite Empire Collapses



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