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"Republic member worlds are required to maintain civilian law enforcement organizations, overseen by their planetary governments instead of the Galactic Senate. Coruscant Security is one of the oldest planetary police forces in the Republic and has a reputation for effectiveness, diversity and (on the whole) positive relations with Coruscant’s population. The Sacking of Coruscant took a toll on Coruscant Security–both in lives lost and burnout as years of rebuilding, riot control and military intervention followed. The rise of major criminal syndicates on Coruscant has embittered many young recruits, and frustrated veterans who were trained to track and arrest individuals, not fight block by block to reclaim territory from gangs. Some say that unless Coruscant Security is given quasi-military training and heavy equipment, it will eventually be overwhelmed by the planet’s problems. Few security officers favor such extreme measures, however–they joined the force to keep the peace, not to fight a war in the streets of the planet they love."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

Coruscant Security, also known as Republic Security, was the police force on Coruscant. After the Sacking of Coruscant, Coruscant Security was overwhelmed by the chaos and rioting that erupted. The Republic government had little resources to offer and sectors fell under gang control. Though Coruscant Security has tried to retake those areas, many of its police officers have become embittered as instead of keeping the peace they are fighting a war on Coruscant's streets.


Coruscant Security is one of the oldest police forces in the Galactic Republic. Up until the Great Galactic War Coruscant Security had maintained a reputation for effectiveness as well as diversity. This helped it to have a good relationship with Coruscant's citizens.[1]

The Sacking of Coruscant brought drastic changes. Coruscant Security did not escape the devastation as many officers lost their lives. After the Sacking, the cost of rebuilding, riot control and intervention by the Republic military caused burnout among the ranks. This caused an additional toll on the lives lost by Coruscant Security. With the riots and few resources available, major criminal syndicates took root on Coruscant such as Black Sun and the Migrant Merchants' Guild. Many of Coruscant's sectors became battlegrounds as police attempted to take back neighborhoods lost to gangs. The constant fighting resulted in many young recruits quickly becoming embittered. Older veterans were equally frustrated by the battles as they were trained for police work, not urban warfare.[1]

As the violence continued, various persons suggested that Coruscant Security be given quasi-military training and heavy equipment. It was reasoned that this would prevent them from becoming overwhelmed. However, very few of Coruscant Security's police officers were in favor of such actions. To them, they were there to maintain peace and order. They did not see themselves as a military fighting a war on the planet they loved.[1]

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