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Production information
Command ship
Technical specifications
3,100 meters
3,100 meters
Turbolaser batteries
168 starfighters
Admiral Saul Karath

The Courageous was an Inexpugnable-class tactical command ship used by the Galactic Republic during the Mandalorian Wars.


The Courageous was completed shortly after the onset of the Mandalorian Wars and placed under the command of Saul Karath. When the Mandalorians sought to conquer Vanquo Karath used the Courageous and a number of other smaller vessels to defend the planet, having been successful to that end he soon turned his attention to the next front of the war, Serroco. In the year 3,963 BBY, the Mandalorians attemted to conquer Serroco, and Karath formed "Battle Group Serroco", the group then set out from its staging area at Ralltiir ahead of the Mandalorians and took up defensive positions on and around Serroco. Just as predicted, the Mandalorians arrived in the system and launched an assault, but their attack was more severe than expected, and it shattered much of the battle group. With his forces in complete ruin, Karath retreated and hoped to make it to the planet Myrkr or the Ryyk Nebula were they could link up with the Tremendous battle group. However, the Mandalorians pursued the Courageous every single step of the way and eventually caught up to the Courageous in deep space, where they managed to cripple the vessel and board it with their elite shock trooper corps. With the last of his group destroyed and his flagship floundering, Karath ordered the Courageous to be scuttled, as the crew made their way to the escape pods Karath narrowly escaped death at the hands of the shock troopers thanks to the timely arrival of Carth Onasi, now trapped aboard the ship, Karath, his second in command Dallan Morvis and Onasi made their way to the brig, where Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick had been imprisoned earlier. Carrick then revealed that he had been spending his time slowly unfastening the bolts in the walls behind him with the Force, thus opening a way from his cell to the docking bay where the Deadweight was landed. The group of people then escaped the Courageous in the Deadweight and fled the Mandalorians. The Mandalorians eventually melted down the Courageous for scrap and fashioned part of it into a battle axe carried by their leader Mandalore the Ultimate.

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