Crafting Materials are components used by players to create usable equipment and items in Star Wars The Old Republic MMORPG.


Crafting materials can be obtained from special vendors called Crew Skill Trade Vendor or by completed specific Crew Skill missions.

The crafting materials are one component used with one of the six Crafting Skills.

Crafting Materials
Name Cost Crew Mission
Advanced Power Implant Processor 400cr Unknown
Brazing Flux 200cr Unknown
Brocart Filaments 150cr Archaeology mission level 49-50
Conductive Flux 10cr Unknown
Cortosis Substrate 400cr Archaeology mission level 33-40
D-Package Implant Processor 50cr Unknown
Demicot Silk 100cr Archaeology mission level 25-32
Double-Pulse Implant Processor 200cr Unknown
Fibrous Nylie Solution 10cr Unknown
First Aid Kit 10cr Unknown
Hypo-syringe 10cr Unknown
Insulating Flux 50cr Unknown
Single-Pulse Implant Processor 10cr Unknown
Thermoionic Gel Suspension 50cr Archaeology mission level 17-24
Thermoplast Flux 400cr Unknown
Zeyd-cloth 250cr Archaeology mission level 41-48


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