Crafting Trainers

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Galactic Republic Crafting Trainers
Galactic Republic

Level 9 Galactic Republic mission

Planet [[Republic Fleet]]
Area [[Carrick Station]]
Start [[Bounty Board
[-4796, -4706]]]
End Crew Skill Trainer

Crafting Trainers is a level 9 mission available to players of the Galactic Republic faction. It is obtained on Carrick Station, the current staging point for the Republic Fleet.


Learn a Crew Skill from a Crew Skill trainer and then interact with that trainer on the Republic Fleet to help the Republic war effort."

"You can click on any trainer on the fleet in order to unlock a codex entry describing what a crew skill does, and what other skills complement it.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Crafting Trainers mission description


  • Learn a Crew Skill then Interact with Your Trainer


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