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Crew Skills Supplies

The Crew Skills Supplies is an area located in the Senate Commercial District on the planet Coruscant. This area has a mailbox and cargo hold access.


Class trainers[]

  • Master Cassa Hun <Jedi Knight Advanced Trainer>
  • Master Dynaroth <Jedi Consular Advanced Trainer>
  • Master Kam <Jedi Consular Trainer>
  • Master Ruus <Jedi Knight Trainer>

Crew Skill trainers[]

  • Arrisan Djo <Archaeology (Gathering Trainer)>
  • Asadia Boresa <Slicing (Gathering Trainer)>
  • Garren Kho <Armormech (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Hekton Valkaz <Diplomacy (Mission Trainer)>
  • Jin Kalosi <Biochem (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Jokskk Quosto <Bioanalysis (Gathering Trainer)>
  • Kevan Orr <Cybertech (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Marren Elna <Synthweaving (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Meck Feem <Scavenging (Gathering Trainer)>
  • Qoen Dervul <Artifice (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Uwin Lokk <Armstech (Crafting Trainer)>


  • Alvania <Crew Skill Trade Vendor>
  • Otoforli <Companion Gifts Vendor>
  • Tephan <Jedi Knight PvP Vendor>
  • Xandyk <Jedi Consular PvP Vendor>