Custom equipment are weapons and armor that can be modified to change the level and stat bonuses on the item. A Custom item obtained at level 10 can be continually modified and upgraded over time until it can be used at level 50. They appear as items with an orange-colored border and text when hovering over the item.

On their own, custom items are devoid of stat bonuses. The bonuses of a custom item seen when inspecting the item are the combined total of each part within the item. Custom items given as quest rewards often come with a complete set of parts within.

Modifying Custom Items

Although item modification stations exist in the game, they confer no advantage over modifying an item from the character screen or inventory.

Parts that can change custom items fall into two categories - items that change the armor/damage rating of the item and parts that change stat bonuses only.

Core Components

Secondary Components

Core components change the weapon or armor rating of the item, granting more weapon damage, Force/Tech power or armoring. Secondary components make up the statistical bonuses of the item.

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