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"Originally founded as “Czerka Mining and Industrial,” this centuries-old, galaxy-spanning corporation has diversified into businesses ranging from consumer food products to military weapons. It is one of the wealthiest and most successful economic enterprises in operation, conducting commerce on virtually every civilized planet and–as owner of multiple star systems and employer of several billion individuals–has representation in the Republic Senate. Czerka is unique in being able to negotiate trade agreements with the Hutt Cartel and other independent worlds, crossing political borders with impunity to generate staggering profits. Despite the company’s perceived lack of loyalty, no one can afford to stop doing business with Czerka. “Anytime, anywhere… we’re there” is the corporation’s slogan–a motto that unscrupulous opportunists eagerly endorse."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

The Czerka Corporation is a galaxy-spanning business that controls interests on countless planets.


The Czerka Corporation arrived on Tatooine 500 years ago. While their efforts to mine the desert planet in search of hidden natural resources were a failure, the corporation established its Secret Weapons division, believing that its hostile environment was the perfect place for this kind of research. On Tatooine, Czerka was free to test various alien technologies that were forbidden in more civilized parts of the galaxy. Eventually, Czerka suddenly pulled out of Tatooine and their Secret Weapons complex disappeared beneath the sands. They also operate on Nar Shaddaa as they provided the deathtraps for Huttball. Czerka is also the designer of the infamous HK-51 assassin droid.

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