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Galactic Republic DK-9 Galactic Republic


Level 10 Droid NPC

Allegiance [[Galactic Republic]]
Class [[Unknown Droid]]
Health 445
Planet [[Ord Mantell]]
Region [[Savrip Island]]

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DK-9 is a droid escort encountered on the planet Ord Mantell. DK-9 was tasked with safeguarding a shipment of goods for Gizmel Gam. When the shipment crashed on Savrip Island, the droid remained on site to ensure it would remain intact.

Missions[edit | edit source]

The separatists use bribes in their attempts to win the support of communities on Ord Mantell, providing desired goods and services in exchange for the peoples' loyalty. Gizmel Gam is attempting to counter these actions by bringing in his own shipment of illegal Kessel spices in the hopes of retaining the peoples' loyalty to the Republic. This shipment was lost, however, on Savrip Island, and Gizmel is in need of someone to retrieve it.[1]

Mission objective
Galactic Republic [7H2+] Buying Loyalty

Notable quotes[edit | edit source]

I have the supplies. They are safe. Delivery failed due to protocol failure. Coordinates to destination unreadable. Attacked by species savrip, a hulking beast. Movement failure. However, shipment is intact. Item: contraband drug known only as "spice." Origin: Kessel. Destination: Gizmel Gam, Ord Mantell.
~ DK-9 on [1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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