Ability Dark Heal
Dark Heal
Heals a friendly target for 2737-3318 health.
Type: Activation
Role: Heal
Range: 30m
Activation: 1.5s
Cooldown: 0s
Cost: (Force) 50

Dark Heal is an active ability that fills the Heal role.


Heals a friendly target for 2737-3318 health.

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Heal Role

Force Healing Is the Original Power:

Initial levels required meditation, but greater aptitude usually granted faster regeneration, without need of meditation. Greater levels of attainment were also able to mend far more severe injuries, even major damage to flesh and bone and even going as far as to mend internal damage, such as damage to theheart, lungs, and so forth. This was shown in a more perverse form by Darth Vader, but was properly utilized by the most skilled of Jedi. However, there were limitations, stemming if not from the nature of Force healing, then at the very least from the individual, as Force-users were not seen to regenerate lost matter.

Jedi healers used this power to diagnose and treat the ailments of their patients. A notable case of this use of Force healing was Cilghal using the Force to cure Mon Mothma of a molecular poison that was incurable by conventional means, although strictly speaking the method of healing involved Cilghal's Force-powered detection and removal of the nanomachines afflicting Mon Mothma rather than a direct application of Force energy against the damaged cells themselves. A variation of this power was Force Purification, as well as Force Assist which was a Force technique that enabled the user to heal people other than themselves, and with enough concentration, the user was able to heal others bodies and minds simultaneously.

Practitioners were many, as were examples of its utilization. Ki-Adi-Mundi used this Force power to heal a broken collar bone almost completely by meditation after the ambush of Jabba the Hutt's minions, during Mundi's mission to findSharad Hett. Obi-Wan Kenobi used a basic form of this ability on Luke Skywalker after the latter's confrontation withTusken Raiders on Tatooine in 0 BBY. At least some members of a species native to Brodo Asogi possessed this technique, while the Jedi of the New Jedi Order used this ability in the form of a healing trance.